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We all know the problem. It’s the classic GPS issue that hits every blind person. The last ten yards.

It’s a common issue. You are heading to a building to meet someone inside and although the GPS app gets you close to the building it won’t help you find the front door. And what about the flip side? You want a taxi to pick you up at a precise location but you aren’t exactly sure of the area to guide them to you?

That’s where What 3 Words comes in. It’s a clever system where the world is divided up into 3 metre squares and each square has a unique combination of three words.

Today on the podcast Hannah Rowlatt joins Blind Guy Steven Scott to walk us through the app and how to use it.

What GPS apps do you use? Share your thoughts with us by emailing or call and leave us a short voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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