Weekend Edition: Shaun By Phone, Double Chins and The Holy Braille

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Show Notes

And here it is – the Sunday version of the Weekend Edition with the crew (almost) altogether.

Shaun is still in internet limbo so joins us for a short chat on the phone, while Steven, Sally, Robin and Tim continue the chat with topics from your emails.

And there’s lots to get through including listener Callum’s new Braille display, the Mantis Q40. Could this be the Holy Braille we’ve all been after?

Listener Jane shares her thoughts on last week’s chat and tells us more about her face feeling incidents at school, while Rebecca shares a great suggestion for on-ear headphones and asks which is a good speaker for listening to music at home that has decent bass but won’t upset the neighbours?

And our listeners are also asking about Sally’s music and where we can listen to it? Well, the answer is now online:

As always, your comments make the show happen so get in touch. Email or call and leave us a voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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