Weekend Edition: Advocating For Yourself, Best Keyboard Options & Sharing Chocolate (Or Not)

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Show Notes

The Weekend Edition is here for Easter Sunday – and we’ve got some cracking chat for you. All puns are intended.

We will be discussing more of your comments in your emails, voicemails and voice messages you send through including a thought-provoking one from listener Felix who brings up the discussion on the best way to advocate for ourselves when the services provided for us aren’t quite what we need.

Also there’s a lot of chat around Twitter once again and what is the best keyboard to use for your computer if you spend a lot of time using it?

And there’s obviously going to be a lot of talk about chocolate – and food in general – as it is Easter Sunday. So why not settle down and enjoy the same family-like horror show that every family likely goes through at this time of year – but in podcast form!

If you’ve got a comment please do send it in. Email or leave us a voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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