Weekend Edition: 100th Episode, Roller Skating and Dog On A String

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Show Notes

And we’re back. After a short hiatus last weekend the 100th episode of Blind Guy Talks Tech has arrived.

It’s (almost) the full team on the show this week with Steven, Robin, Shaun and Sally joining together to celebrate the anniversary of our show which started only just back in January.

This week the topics are as varied as you’d expect, with discussion on the real first name of TV detective Columbo, how to locate dog poop, and the ultimate question – what do you do when you realise your guide dog harness and lead have been left at home?

All these questions are just the appetiser and the main course is our wonderful emails and voice messages that you so kindly send in each day.

Grab a cuppa and join us for a laugh, the Blind Guy way. And of course if you want to comment, please do. Email or call 0204 571 3354.

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