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In the first of a new regular series of episodes coming up on Blind Guy Talks Tech, we are joined by Jason Shaw from VisionAid Technologies to tell us about the wide and varying range of assistive technology that is out there to help and support blind and low vision people live a more independent life.

In a similar way to us here on the podcast, we know that VisionAid are all about showcasing the options available and in no way are out to sell anyone a particular product or service. The good thing is though that if you do like a product, they are the guys to buy it from!

We start our VisionAid Technologies Presents: series with a look at the range of wearable headsets and glasses available today that could offer some people with certain eye conditions the ability to use their remaining vision more effectively. These products won’t work for everyone and as Jason tells us in the interview, it is so important to get a home demo of these products before even considering a purchase.

Listed below are the products mentioned in today’s episode. The links provided go straight to VisionAid’s website for your ease. Please note: Blind Guy Talks Tech is not sponsored by VisionAid or paid for any of the promotions mentioned. We merely offer this information as a public service.

Acesight VR

IrisVision Live

IrisVision InSpire


eSight 4

NuEyes Pro 3

If you have tried any of these products or want to tell us your thoughts please do email us or call and leave us a voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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