Using Emojis on Windows and Mac

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Happy face. Sad face. Pile of poo. Those words don’t read well when they are spelled out like that but these days the images associated are all the rage.

Yes, today we talk on the podcast all about the tiny visual images that are known as emojis. Used widely in texts, social media and in emails, they have become the shortcode for many conversations these days.

For the Blind Guys Steven and Shaun this hasn’t been of much interest due to their visual nature, but Robin Christopherson joins the guys today to explain how he uses them, and why he loves them too.

On Windows, to bring up the emoji options it is simply Windows + period key, but on the Mac it requires a free and cool app called Rocket.

Listen to the demo by Robin on today’s episode and let us know your thoughts on all things emoji by emailing or call and leave us a voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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