Two For Tuesday: Windows 11 Updates & Adding Books To Orbit Reader

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And we’re back! Following the nightmare that was Storm Franklin, we are able to return with a new episode of Blind Guy Talks Tech.

However we don’t like leaving you without your full fix of the show so we have brought two features together in today’s special episode focusing on both the new Windows 11 updates that are rolling out across the world and also a great feature tutorial on how to get braille books on to your Orbit Reader from the RNIB library.

First up Steven and Shaun discuss the new features in Windows 11 including enhancements to the taskbar, new Notepad and Media player applications and the big news of the Amazon App Store being added to the system for the first time (US only for now). We even get a demo from Microsoft’s accessibility team showing us how apps will be accessible using Narrator and a new sub-system screenreader.

And then we are joined by Ben Rendle from the RNIB Technology for Life team who shares with us the way to get RNIB braille books in .brf format on to your Orbit Reader braille display.

We’ve got lots more exciting content coming up this week so be sure to listen out and check out past episodes on but in the meantime feel free to share your views by emailing or call 0204 571 3354.

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