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Hey and welcome to another episode of Blind Guy Talks Tech with your hosts Steven Scott, Shaun Preece and Tim Schwartz. This time around the guys are talking about the best tech of 2021 which includes a lot of chat about TV, gaming and reading books.

There’s a heated discussion on the availability of audio description on TV, especially with the news of Sky Glass being made available in the UK. Considering the amount of work Sky has done this year to make it’s Sky Q boxes more accessible, the team ponder why those same accessibility functions are not added into the latest generation of its hardware.

There’s also a lot of talk about gaming and how the world of console gaming has become so much more inclusive in 2021 with games such as Forza Horizon 5 following in the footsteps of games such as The Last Of Us Part 2 in becoming more accessible and usable for the blind and low vision community, as well as those in the wider disability community.

And in terms of reading, there has been a major addition to the Amazon smart speaker this year when UK blind charity RNIB announced its partnership work with Amazon to create a way for users of the RNIB Talking Books library to call up and enjoy their favourite reads on their Amazon Echo device.

What’s your best tech of 2021 and do you have a favourite new gadget to tell us about? Email the show Hello@BlindGuyTalksTech.Com to let us know.

Our new podcast starts officially on January 10th 2022 where we will be here every weekday talking about the stories of interest to the blind and low vision community. Share your stories with us and tell us what you think of the show by emailing us on that address or follow the show on Twitter @BlindGuyTech. Thanks for downloading/subscribing!

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