The Weekend Edition: Braille, Bluetooth and Living On The Edge

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Each Friday the Weekend Edition will bring you the top tech team having way too much fun while discussing the week’s tech news stories. Grab a cup of something warm, soft or alcoholic (or all of the above) and enjoy.

Blind Guy Steven Scott is joined by Shaun Preece, Robin Christopherson and Tim Schwartz to chat through Steven’s love of braille thanks to his new Hable One braille input keyboard, while Robin chats through the news surrounding Apple’s W1 ultra-wide band chip that could get a major upgrade which would work alongside bluetooth making our smartphones even more useful to the blind community.

We’re also joined by long-time listener to our shows, Gordon Anthony, who tells us about his Microsoft Edge woes on the Mac, Twitter trouble and Amazon Music issues.

And in amongst way too much talk about the right way to make tea, we get your feedback from email and voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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