The Weekend Edition: An Australian Visitor, Edge Of Patience, Flickers and Finders and Good Neighbours

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There aren’t many words to describe this latest episode of Blind Guy Talks Tech: The Weekend Edition!

Join Steven Scott, Robin Christopherson, Tim Schwartz, Sally Clay and guest David Woodbridge as they talk about the really important tech news including why TV show Neighbours is being cancelled, and other important news too including:

  • Why are there so many issues with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge?
  • Are Macs easier to use with Voiceover than Windows PCs running JAWS (or other screenreaders)?
  • More on audiobook narration – human or AI – which is best?
  • Is Google Assistant a reason to avoid Android phones if you are a Talkback user?

Plus we answer your feedback and talk about the results of our online poll asking you if when using an iPhone do you flick or find what you are looking for? Is visual memory important when it comes to using these devices? The team weighs in.

And if all that isn’t enough, we end on a sing-song thanks to David and the country of Australia.

Send in your feedback to or call and leave a voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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