The Great Mac Debate Continues… & Onesies

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It’s fair to say that there are more than a few grumblings in the blind community over the accessibility of Mac using Voiceover. The issues range from poor focusing during use to an overall lack of keyboard command support for the most basic of tasks including answering and ending a FaceTime call.

Some of the ‘bugs’ in Mac have been around for some time and on a previous episode of our podcast Scott and David who are both Mac users shared their concerns about the interface going forward.

Today we hear from new Mac user Sally Clay and long-time Mac and Windows user Robin Christopherson to discuss these issues and share their opinions, following an article by Devin Prater who outlines some of his own concerns. We will have Devin on our podcast in a few week’s time.

In amongst all of this the guys also discuss the biggest fashion question of our times – are onesies the answer to everything?

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