The Great Mac Debate

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Many blind computer users are making the switch from PC to Mac these days, however as the saying goes, the grass may not be always as green on the other side.

There are lots of reports of issues with users coming up against what feel like simple yet major challenges that a PC user running JAWS or NVDA would not come up against. Basic tasks like downloading an app from the App Store on a Mac can be quite difficult and what is it with brand new powerful Macs using M1 processors that still say ‘busy busy’ when using them?

To discuss this on the podcast today we have David Woodbridge from Australia, a prominent voice in the blind community who stands up for Macs and Scott (also known as Kayaker), a computer expert who has worked with both systems for many years and although wants to prefer the Mac is now not recommending it to other blind people.

In this honest and open discussion we get into some of the challenges and perhaps for most users one of the most obvious answers to this. Listen in and find out.

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