The First Official Episode Of Blind Guy Talks Tech!

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Show Notes

And here it is! At last, after all the discussions, the talking about it and the arguments over what to call it, Blind Guy Talks Tech is finally here!

Steven Scott and Shaun Preece are your guides as to what to expect over the coming weeks and invite you to contribute with your ideas and thoughts for the show. Over the coming days you’ll have access to a special call-in number to leave your voicemails or alternatively you can email the show now via our email address – You can also contact us on Twitter. Steven is @BlindGuyTech and Shaun is @TheBlurredNerd.

There’s lots of great interviews and reviews to come and we cannot wait to get started so enjoy episode number 1 of what will hopefully be many, many exciting and fun conversations about tech from a blind guy’s point of view!

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