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While many of us are now used to talking to our devices to get things done, whether it be asking Alexa to play a song or asking your phone to set a timer, dictation and speech input is becoming the norm for many people as a way of inputing information into their device and getting information in return.

However for many professional PC and Mac users the ability to dictate goes much further with the need to get accurate and swift words into the system for reports, dictating exact notes or compiling a book. And that’s where the microphone in your device can make the difference between accuracy and inaccuracy.

Disability campaigner Colin Hughes has written an extensive amount on this recently on the AbilityNet blog as he has been investigating the best physical microphones out there for this very purpose. Today on the podcast Colin shares his thoughts with Steven, Robin and Shaun.

You can learn more about the work of Colin Hughes via his own website here.

Find out more about the Speechware microphones Colin discussed with us here.

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