Smart Speakers: Stereo Pairing & Home Theatre

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Most of us now have a smart speaker in our homes, whether it be the latest from Amazon or maybe a Google speaker. Or perhaps its a HomePod from Apple or a more multi-purpose device like a Sonos speaker.

Whatever one you choose, you are able to enjoy a range of features within these devices. But did you know that adding another similar device in the same room could open up better audio and even home theatre options?

Today on the podcast, Steven and Shaun talk through how you can stereo pair Amazon Echo speakers as well as similar speakers from other brands, and even set up a home theatre system using Amazon Echo devices and a Fire TV stick.

Tell us how you are using your smart tech at home and what you’ve learned with your smart speaker. Email us or call us and leave a voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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