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For many blind people the simple act of finding out what’s on TV tonight can be challenging but thankfully new technology is being implemented to make this easier.

Up until now, we’ve seen manufacturers of TVs including Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Sony build in screen readers to their TVs meaning we can finally access the electronic program guide (EPG) and menu systems of our televisions.

However what about those set top boxes that plug in such as Sky, Virgin or other smart boxes? Aside the Apple TV, which features the well-known Voiceover software used in iPhones, iPads and Macs, there are very few accessible set top box options.

That is, until now. In the middle of 2021 blind Sky Q customers were surprised to learn that a new Voice Guidance system was being rolled out across the country to all Sky Q customers and it certainly has made a real difference to our viewing experience. That’s not to say all is perfect but it certainly is a good start.

Today on the podcast we hear listener Kieran talk us through how it all works and sounds, and later we meet Fraser Stirling and Simon Elder from Sky to explain how they did it, as well as face some challenging questions around audio description on demand and access to third-party apps on their platform using Sky Q Voice Guidance.

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