Saturday Edition: The Finale

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It is the final (official) show on the Blind Guy Talks Tech feed and the entire gang get together to share their thoughts on the show, and as usual, everything else!

A message from Blind Guy Steven Scott:

“It’s been an absolute blast doing this podcast for the last year and I want to personally thank you for making it the huge success it has been. Without your emails, your contributions and your commitment to the cause this would never have been possible. And all of that proved to me it was possible to do a daily technology show on the radio which is why I was so pleased and honoured when AMI-audio asked us to do this. I love doing this show, a show that started off as an idea that led to me being laughed out of the office and told that such a show concept would never catch on. At RNIB it became the most listened to show and most commented on, and at AMI Double Tap became so popular it spawned a TV show. Now the radio show goes daily, proving the hunger for not just the information, but the entertainment and joy that I hope we bring to you. Shaun Preece has been a monumental part of all of this, and has supported me in all my wacky ideas leading to this point. He, like me, are humbled by your reaction to the show and your willingness to keep coming back for more. Also, I must thank Tim Schwartz for standing by us all these years, Robin Christopherson for continuing to bring positivity and fresh ideas every day, and to Sally Clay who has given us all the shake we required when we needed it to make sure we make this as relevant to as many people as possible. Thanks to all of you, and I hope you will continue to enjoy hearing all of us on our shared journey into a new chapter.”

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