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There are lots of ways to enjoy books these days with formats including audio, braille and large print, as well as regular paperback and hardback.

And with services out there such as iBooks, Kindle and Audible accessing books on our devices has been made easier too making books more portable.

However, with the advent of smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo it is now possible to listen to our audiobooks on devices in our living rooms or bedrooms.

Audible already offer their audiobook collection via the Amazon Echo but it does cost a monthly or annual subscription to use, but there is an option for blind and partially sighted readers who want access to books without the cost.

The RNIB Talking Books service offers tens of thousands of books for free to blind listeners in various formats but also now on the Amazon Echo range of devices.

Today on the podcast Hannah Rowlatt from RNIB’s Technology for Life team joins Blind Guy Steven Scott to show how the skill works and how to enjoy a new book just by asking for it.

If you’d like more support from RNIB’s Technology for Life team contact them by calling the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or email the team

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