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Do you still use dictaphones and kit such as the Victor Reader to take simple notes?

There are good reasons to use this tech in certain circumstances but our smartphones hold the ability to grab quick notes in audio form just as good, if not better.

Aside from the choice of apps, you can get high quality audio recording from a smartphone which often isn’t the case with dictaphones and other note taking audio devices. Obviously the more you spend the better the quality will be but is there a need if you have a smartphone?

On this episode, Steven and Shaun are joined by Chris Turner from the RNIB Technology for Life team to talk about apps that are free, and paid, to be used by Apple smartphone users. Here are the links to the apps we feature for your reference.

Voice Memos: Built-in to iPhones, no need to download unless you’ve already deleted the app in which case you’ll find it on the App Store. Free to own.

Just Press Record: Available on the App Store and also features an Apple Watch app and MacOS app. Recording sync across your Apple devices.

Ferrite Recording Studio: An audio and editing app which does work well with Voiceover for recording but has limitations when it comes to actual editing.

Audacity: Free PC and Mac audio editor. Works well with screenreader on PC but not so much at the moment on Mac.

Do you have suggestions for the best apps or ways to record audio? Let us know by emailing or leave us a voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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