NaviLens for Indoor Navigation

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There are many apps and features within our smartphones that help guide us around outside thanks to GPS (global positioning satellites).

However indoor navigation can be more tricky for obvious reasons. So instead there has to be a more considered and implemented situation before it can work. And there are companies working today to achieve just that.

In Episode 6 of our podcast – Could NaviLens Be The Answer to Inaccessible QR Codes? – we discussed how NaviLens could be used in food packaging to make it easier to find and locate within a store, as well as giving much more information than Braille could.

Today on the podcast Marc Powell from RNIB who featured in that podcast, rejoins us to share an update on how the app is being used at London’s Euston train station to help blind visitors navigate around the station.

Find out more about NaviLens and won download the app

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