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It’s a big week for tech announcements thanks to the conventions going on in the USA run by the American Council of the Blind and the National Federation of the Blind.

So far we have heard announcements from Orbit Research telling us a new Slate family will be launching soon of multi-line braille displays. Also a new product is due to be launched from Humanware called the Stellar Trek, a brand new device that we will talk about later in the podcast feed in more depth.

But today’s main topic and focus is the big news from Vespero, the company behind the JAWS screen reader. Over the weekend they dropped the first ever ARM version of the software for newer laptops coming soon with ARM processors as opposed to Intel processors, similar to the way Apple has moved into M1 as its main processor on board its tech moving away from Intel. But what does JAWS feel like on such an architecture and how does it perform? Listener Aaron from Cumbria got in touch to share his views after testing it out.

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