Is Audio The Future Of Social Media?

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The evolution of social media continued in 2019 with the launch of Clubhouse – an audio-led social media app that offered to bring conference-style interaction and networking to its users.

While the concept seemed unlikely to take hold, the pandemic in 2020 made the company’s mission seem almost perfect to people who could no longer visit in-person events. Many businesses and entrepreneurs used the app as a way to make new friends, and money.

For the blind community the app offered a chance for groups to form around the world in an easy-to-use environment. However it was beset with challenges for our community, including an inaccessible app, the need to be ‘invited’ rather than just sign up and the lack of an Android app for at least a year after it was launched. And for the deaf community, the lack of captioning services meant it was a non-starter.

As each challenge was dealt with, in thanks particularly to the hard working and influential advocates who used the platform to raise concerns, blind people adopted the service as a new way to share their stories and promote themselves not just to other blind people but also the wider population.

But could this innovative style of platform become the norm? We see services such as Twitter and Facebook adopting audio rooms and spaces so is this the future for social media? Life After Blindness podcast host Tim Schwartz joins Blind Guy Steven Scott to discuss in this podcast.

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