iPhone SE 2022, Sony Link Buds and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

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Show Notes

Today on the podcast Blind Guy Steven Scott and that other Blind Guy Shaun Preece get together to chat through some of Steven’s latest purchases.

They will be talking about the new iPhone SE 2022 and discussing the merits of the new phone in comparison to its predecessors. There’s also talk about the new Sony Link Buds and whether they live up to expectations. Plus Steven fawns over his new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 mobile phone – yes really – and talks about the merits of the clamshell design and improvements he’s noticed in Talkback since trying it a few years ago.

There’s also a recommendation of a show idea from listener Rebecca who suggests that it might be a good idea to discuss coding on one of our shows, and why it is a good skill for blind people to learn.

Your views are always welcome on this topic and everything else we discuss so why not get in touch – email or call and leave us a voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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