How Will Rising Energy Costs Affect Disabled People?

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Energy costs are set to rise for all of us from April this year, with some households seeing a yearly rise of £700.

For many disabled people who live at home most of their day or work from home, those costs may be even higher.

In a break from our usual chat about technology, Blind Guy Steven Scott talks with Emily Davison, a prominent disability rights advocate who works hard to encourage business to listen to and employ more disabled people. Her FashionEyeSta blog has got many fashion brands interested in supporting her work meaning she is making a real and positive impact on the community.

Emily is concerned about the impact rising energy costs will have on her as well as other disabled people and spoke to Steven to share her views.

Are you concerned about rising energy costs? Share your thoughts with us by emailing or call 0204 571 3354 and leave us a voicemail.

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