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The Amazon Echo has become a major part of many of our lives due in part to its simplicity in helping us do basic tasks. For many blind people just having the ability to speak to the air and get a response is so useful when it comes to checking the time, what’s on our calendar or finding out if it is raining outside.

However, while we may have these devices in one or two rooms not everyone is like the Blind Guy team and have one per room, including the bathroom! Also the Amazon Echo isn’t portable so going out into the garden or being back in the office means you go without your trusty partner.

And that’s where the Alexa app for PC comes in. You can install it on any PC running Windows 10 or above and get the full Amazon Echo experience on your desktop. Listen to Dot to Dot podcast  host Robin Christopherson show Steven and Shaun how it is done.

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