Get Started With Braille In 2022

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The Braillists Foundation could not be clearer in this mission – to make more braille available to all.

The organisation was set up only a few years ago with that very clear aim and has already succeeded not just in raising awareness of the code that lets blind and partially sighted people read, but they have also succeeded in training and empowering blind people who do not yet read braille to do so.

From January 11th, the Foundation launches its latest Braille for Beginners course – a weekly course held online using Zoom that will help people learn the basics of the braille alphabet and numbers.

In this episode, Blind Guy Steven Scott talks to Dave Williams from the Braillists Foundation to chat about the course, how the organisation came together, and what he thinks the future holds for braille.

You can find out more about the course, the organisation and even their excellent podcast series and webinars at or email or telephone 020 3893 3392.

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