Braillesense 6 and Hable One from Sight & Sound Technology

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There are a lot of options out there for anyone considering buying a braille display in 2022 but what is the best one to choose? Over the coming weeks Blind Guy Steven Scott will attempt to investigate the majority of what is available out there in the market and tell you about it but for today we focus on one particular, and very popular option, called the Braillesense 6.

Stuart Lawlor from Sight and Sound Technology joins Steven on the podcast to talk about its features and why it is the right choice for anyone in education or employment, and talks about the upgrades to this latest edition that will make it even more future-proof than its competitors.

Steven and Stuart also talk about the brand new Hable One braille input keyboard for smartphones and talks through how it works with both iOS and Android devices.

Sight and Sound Technology is a major distributor of assistive tech and can support any employee through the Government’s Access to Work scheme and also assist students through the Disabled Students Allowance scheme.

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