BlindShell Classic 2 and Standing Desks?

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This may come as a surprise to many people but not everyone out there wants a smartphone such as an Apple or Android device.

In fact, many people who are blind and older prefer physical buttons on their devices while also needing spoken audio feedback. So what is out there for them?

That’s where the Blindshell Classic 2 comes in. It’s a feature phone meaning it has got some of the many features a smartphone has without the need of a touchscreen to operate it. In the case of the BlindShell, it is operated by a Nokia style keyboard, also called the T9.

Read all about the BlindShell Classic 2 here and find out where to buy it in your part of the world

On the podcast today, Vision Australia’s David Woodbridge joins Blind Guy Steven Scott to talk about the new updated version, and also to find out about that standing desk that David has been tweeting about!

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