ITV Offers Blind Viewers Unique Insight Into Trigger Point Drama

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ITV’s hottest new drama has everyone talking but it’s the blind community doing a bit more listening than usual.

The accessibility team at the broadcaster provide a range of services to its disabled audience including captioning and signing for deaf viewers as well as audio description for blind viewers.

However a new option is being tried out on new drama Trigger Point where viewers who are blind or partially sighted can access a unique experience of getting to know the characters, what they wear and who they are connected to in the episode following a request in the channel’s audio description user forum. You can view the video here or watch it on YouTube via this link.

ITV’s Audio Description Production Manager Jonathon Penny joined Steven on the podcast to discuss this new feature and in a wide-ranging and open conversation we learn that this will be coming to other shows soon, including one of Britain’s favourite soap operas!

The team welcome your feedback and the email address to contact Jonathon and his team at ITV is Also, if you want to download the apps for ITV on iOS and Android to access audio-described programmes on demand just follow our links here.

What did you think of Trigger Point and the new Meet The Characters feature? Share your thoughts with the Blind Guy and the team on the next Weekend Edition on Friday by emailing or call and leave us a voicemail on 0204 571 3354.

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