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It was only three years ago when Apple launched the popular Voice Control feature that allows people with physical disabilities to use their computer without the need of a keyboard or mouse.

Since then however the feature has received only minor updates but in the newest version of Mac OS, it has received some much-needed love. There are also updates for iOS 15.4 users who wear face-masks and a new feature in Watch OS 8.5 for those who might benefit from audio hints within Apple Fitness+.

To discuss all of this and more specifically on the topic of Voice Control and its drawbacks, we were joined on the podcast by Colin Hughes. Colin is a former BBC producer who is now a disability activist and campaigner on a range of topics, most notably around technology.

Useful links from this episode:

Apple Website – |Crete import and export a custom vocabulary for Voice Control on Mac

Apple Website article on using new custom vocabulary features in Voice Control

Colin will also join the team in the next episode to discuss the benefits of good microphones when it comes to dictation.

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