Anker Soundcore Frames Review And More

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Show Notes

You asked and we delivered! Since so many of you were interested in the brand new Anker Soundcore Frames the Blind Guy himself Steven Scott decided to buy himself a pair to test out – plus his old Bose Frames had just lost their leg (or is it arm?).

Steven is joined by Robin Christopherson and Shaun Preece as they talk about how these audio sunglasses work but Steven also wanted to find out how good the microphone was inside the Frames so he has recorded a quick demo of not just the new Soundcore glasses in action but also a range of other leading headphones, earbuds and audio sunglasses. Listen below to his demo featured in this podcast.

If you’d like more information about the range of products we talked about, check out the manufacturer links below to all of the headphones and earbuds mentioned.

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