Aira Comes To The Desktop

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Did you know of the popular assistant service for blind and partially sighted people called Aira?

It’s a system that allows you to use your smartphone to contact a professional agent to ask for assistance on a wide range of topics, including support at home with the computer or even when outside navigating the world.

The service has been available for many years now and is planning a new option for users this year by allowing people to contact them directly from their computer desktop. One of the biggest areas of support given is asking an agent to connect to the customers screen and assist with an issue or task, however the challenge of connecting over something like Teamviewer has proven problematic, and as customers are on limited minute plans with the service, those minutes are vital and often lost with the connection challenges.

And that’s why Aira want to introduce Aira on the Desktop.

Today on the podcast listen to Jenine Stanley from the company telling Steven and Shaun about the new features, and even some big announcements coming later in the year.

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