Accessible TVs in 2022

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It may surprise a lot of people but blind and partially sighted people also enjoy the latest movies, box sets and soap operas too. For many blind people, the joy of television and film is done via a service called Audio Description. AD is a separate audio track that speaks aloud the action that is going on screen in between the dialogue.

While access to audio described content is great and really does help us all enjoy the medium, today’s biggest challenge for a blind user is accessing the content in the first place. Electronic programme guides (EPGs), menu systems and third-party applications such as Netflix, iPlayer and others can be inaccessible if a TV doesn’t have Voice Guidance built in – a voice that repeats audibly what the user would see selected on screen when navigating with a remote control.

The good news is that improvements have been made in recent years to make TVs more accessible in this way. On the podcast Madleen Bluhm from RNIB’s Technology for Life team drops in with Steven and Shaun to discuss what is available, and how to get access to information about accessible TVs and services.

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