Accessible Technology: 2022 & Beyond

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In our special series looking at both the history and future of accessible technology we conclude with a look at what is coming in 2022 and beyond. What new technologies will exist for blind people in the longer term?

Joining Steven Scott this time around is Shaun Preece and Tim Schwartz and the guys dive right in with their predictions.

Starting with Tim, is it going to be wearables that take over the physical smartphone in the future? Is it all going to be about glasses, watches and more? And if so, how will this benefit the blind and partially sighted community?

Steven takes it one step further suggesting that the role of health tech in the future may in fact bring an end to eye conditions completely. Imagine a world where eye conditions can be detected early and treated or age-related conditions can be cured? Steven ponders over whether this is a good thing or not.

And Shaun weighs in on his thoughts on wireless charging technology. Could this be the next step in changing how we consume electricity over the air?

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Oh, and a very Happy New Year from all of us to you.

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