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As we get ready to welcome in 2022, Blind Guy Steven Scott sits down with his good friends Shaun Preece, Tim Schwartz and Robin Christopherson to talk through what they think will be the next big tech items to show up in the New Year.

Starting off is Tim with his idea that Virtual Reality will be the big news of 2022, with a huge amount of potential for visually impaired people and even those who are totally blind. Besides the incredible visual benefits to VR, there are also huge benefits in audio too with 360 degree-sound creating opportunities for rich worlds to be created in audio as well as visual. But Tim is also keen to stress that it doesn’t stop there. What about haptic feedback? Could we see a time where we wear gloves that give us tactile feedback for, say, braille to appear in a virtual sense?

Shaun’s take on artificial intelligence gets the conversation on to the next topic. Could 2022 be the year when artificial intelligence starts feeling a bit more ‘intelligent’? Up until now its been all very simple and smart speakers have been able to be programmed to give responses to specific phrases but ideally that will change in the future. The guys also discuss how artificial intelligence is already beginning to learn about our emotions and learning how to react to those so clearly its an interesting area for development.

Robin wants to get fit in the New Year and he is looking for a smart gym that lets him gather all his health vitals without having to use a touchscreen device. But does something like this already exist or are they all too smart? Or should Robin go for something less smart and use fitness tech such as an Apple Watch?

And finally Steven offers up his suggestion for 2022. It may be no surprise that it is Apple related. He is looking forward to the launch of what might become the new Apple AR glasses. These would give users the chance to have augmented reality on their heads giving out info from the phone as well as information about surroundings as you move around. And of course this is Apple so it would be totally accessible right?

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