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Saturday Edition: The Finale

The Last Inbox

Apple Event Announced

Stellar Trek

Update Apple Devices Now, New Keyboards and Snoring Can Make You Money

Reaction To Our News

Saturday Edition: Luna Displays, What Makes Us Cry & Ambeo Headphone

We Need To Talk

ROKit Frames Review

Focusrite Vocaster Update & Blind Joe Sings

We’re Back Into The Inbox

Samsung Announce New Devices

That There London & Bluetooth Transmitters

And Now The News…

Emptying The Inbox

Saturday Edition: Studio Chaos, Dropped Lines and Ableist Language


Mac On A PC

Hijacked 4.0: The Sally Clay Interview

Sky Go App Now On Apple TV

App To Report Guide Dog Refusals

Saturday Edition: A Chat With A Fictitious Town In Wales

BT Digital Voice

Coffee & An Inbox

Focusrite VoCaster Two

Recording from iPhone To Mac Without An Audio Interface

Unboxing of ARX Vision Headset

Saturday Edition: Reflections on last week & Simulating blindness

Landline Phones, Accessible Banking Apps & Vinyl Memories

Optelec & Blind Golf

Associated Optical & VisionAid Technologies

Emails, Voicemails and Apologies

Saturday Edition: Getting Fit & Disability Pride

A Chat With Old Friends


Synaptic and New College Worcester

Humanware Announces New Stellar Trek

Aira Launches On Desktop, Blindshell Classic 2 & ARX Wearable

JAWS on ARM Beta

Hijacked 3.0: Sally & Robin

Humanware and Odd Emails

Dolphin Dave & Listener Karl

Sight Village Central: Day 2

Sight Village Central: Day 1

The Road To Sight Village

Hijacked 2.0

The Great Mac Debate: Part 3

Homer Player for Android Phones

More Emails This Time.. Honest!

Emails, well sort of…

Can You See Me App

Weekend Edition: Mac OS Beta Woes, Sighted Zombies & Language Police

Matt Ater from Vispero talks AD, New JAWS features and Musicals

Samsung Washing Machine Update

Amazon’s Fire Tablet 8 Unboxing

Emails, We’ve Got More Emails…

Emails, Tweets & More

Weekend Edition: Reflections on Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference

Logitech Keyboards & Amadeus Pro for Mac

Color Star Identifier

Celebrating Tech Volunteers at AbilityNet & RNIB

Apple’s WWDC & Jet Lag

Sally and Scott Take Over!

Checking In: Steven and Shaun in Regina

Weekend Special: Sally Takes Over

Social Media Accessibility

Versa Slate Review

Speech Central App

The Great Mac Debate Continues… & Onesies

A Chat Over Coffee: Installing Windows, Mac Woes & Podcast Changes

Weekend Edition: Travelling Blind, Guide Dog Adventures & Flying Fun

Weekend Edition: Door Detection, Apple Glass & Going Home

VisionAid Presents: Alternative Mobile PHones

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022

Apple Announce New Accessibility Features Coming Soon

Using Emojis on Windows and Mac

RNIB Audio Description On Demand Petition Launched

Weekend Edition: Partials, Parked Cars and White Canes & Guide Dogs

Weekend Edition: Dancing Eyes, Independence and Don’t Look Up

Commentary Screen Reader Update

Spring App for Twitter

London Calling

Ability Summit 2022 Update

Travelling Blind

Weekend Edition: Death by Vests, Free Speech & the Proper Use Of Alt Text

Weekend Edition: 100th Episode, Roller Skating and Dog On A String

Coding Blind

Sky Q Audio Description

Sky Q Voice Guidance

Voice Dream Reader on Mac, White Canes and Accessible Smart Washing Machines

Bank Holiday Monday Bonus

Making Music with Joe Kenny

Surface Accessibility with Dave Dame from Microsoft

Technology Support from NCBI in Ireland

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

WhatsApp on the Watch & Driverless Cars

Weekend Edition: Braille Notes, Love for Aira and Birthday Wishes

Weekend Edition: Vests for Tech, Audio Editing Options and Dead Fish

Audio Description, Twitter on the Web and Nuclear Disaster

Making Coffee Properly with Listener Greg

A Chat Over Coffee

Home Theatre with Sonos

VisionAid Technologies Presents: Wearables

Weekend Edition: Advocating For Yourself, Best Keyboard Options & Sharing Chocolate (Or Not)

Weekend Edition: Accessible Twitter, Smart Appliances & That New Charger

QuickNav on Mac & Audio Converter Pro

RNIB Talking Books Skill on Alexa

Using The Twitter App on PC

Blind Guy Website & Mail App For Mac

The Impact Of Technology On Our Planet

Getting To Know Brian Fischler from That Real Blind Tech Show & AxCon 2022

Using Commanders To Control Voiceover On The Mac

ID Mate Demo

Aira Comes To The Desktop

Headphones, Microphones and More

Weekend Edition: That Slap, Swapping Sims & Best Earbuds

Weekend Edition: Heroin Gulch, Religion and Occasional Tech Talk

Microsoft Ability Summit Preview 2022

Intro To Mac From A Windows’ Perspective

OCR Apps To Help Identify Products Around The Home

NaviLens for Indoor Navigation

iPhone SE 2022, Sony Link Buds and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3